7 ways to make your social media more engaging

Engaging social media

As a business owner, you are likely to notice how hard it is to expand without investing in some sort of social media. These online platforms allow for us to be seen, heard, and interact with our customers and fans in a way that was once impossible. But it is impossible to have good social media without making our content engaging. This makes things relevant and interesting for your audience.

We have outlined seven ways to make your social media more engaging:


Look at where your audience is
2015 has seen the continued domination of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. However, it might not be a good idea to sign up to every popular social media site just yet. Look at where your audience is, and start creating social media accounts to places that they’ll see you regularly and often.
Learn the language
Digital media and social media can have some daunting terms to get used to, but learning the basics can be well worth while. Make sure to brush up on your basic terminologies on your social media sites, and listen to the language that your audience uses. This is important, because you want to….
Include them
Include your audience through different means and methods. This can range from competitions, to creating events they can go to (either in real life or online), or even simple sharable snapshots of your brand ‘behind the scenes’. Your audience’s inclusion will resonate with them, and allow for more positive engagement.
Start a conversation
Starting a conversation with a wide audience might sound daunting, but it is very straight forward. Make sure you keep relevant to yourself, and to them, and you will be remembered better for your efforts.
Respond, interact, repeat
A conversation means a dialogue. Most fans would appreciate a simple reply to their input, and would especially appreciate it when the reply is relevant to them.
Be visual
Images and videos are quickly becoming the norm on social media. It is far more engaging than a large wall of text, and it gives your pages life. Your followers will appreciate this as well, considering it will break up a lot of the text they will be seeing on their feeds.
Be consistent and timely
Facebook offers a good landing page for anyone. While not offering all the features of a website, audiences are using them more as a first point of call. Offering a verity of content options, Facebook can be your playground in offering something new and interesting every day, allowing for memorability for all the right reasons.

Ultimately, be consistent, be personable, and be approachable.


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