'HOT' content is the key

There are many SEO fads that come and go but the one true technique Google goes gaga over is relevant, original content.

Just like a delicate seedling your website needs your time and care to grow and prosper. Even setting aside just an hour a week to write about the latest ‘hot’ topic in your industry can be enough to keep your rankings on the upswing.

Keep up to date

When writing a blog or an article remember the goal is to position yourself as the absolute expert in your industry, the trusted wise one others flock to. So do your research, find out who the big wigs in your industry are and who manufacturers the products. Be the first to know when a new product is released or a new event organised. Follow twitter and Facebook accounts, subscribe to newsletters, attend events, chat in forums there’s literally endless ways to stay in the loop.

Write now!

Once you are in the loop the rest is simple. As soon as a new event, product or technique enters your field of work, write about it! Find out as much information as you can and write about it as soon as possible. Be the first and others will come to you seeking to write about the same topic. If your content is original and they like what they read they will endorse you and your site. Which means a healthy natural link for you!

If you don’t have the time to write these yourself you can always outsource it. Caboodle Web now offers article and content writing for your website. Have us write it for you, all you need to do is approve it. We thoroughly research your topic and compose original content which can be added as blogs to your site.

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"When I approached Scott and Kate at Caboodle Web Design to develop my website and provide web hosting support my business was just a small five-person team. Having worked with Caboodle Web, we have grown to almost 20 staff, working across three States, providing services to an ever-growing range of Not for Profit organisations and Government Departments. Having a professionally designed website that is practical, informative, straight-forward and easy to navigate, has ensured my business has grown and become a effective competitor in the field. "

Melissa James
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