Return on Investment for a Website Redesign

ROI for Website Re-design

If you’re a business owner you likely have a website or are working towards creating one. It’s a common, and essential, part to running a successful business these days. Simply, it provides a way to connect your product or service with the people that want it, but have you ever thought about your Return on Investment (ROI) for upgrading your web presence?

Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource. In this case a website redesign which can provide instant ROI as an upgraded web presence can spark new interest for your business while re-engaging your original audience too.

ROI can be measured by weighing the cost of the site against income generated through the site but should also include activities that happen through the site that reduce business costs elsewhere. Some examples of this can be customer support, staff communications, increase referrals and identifying potential markets and clients.

When considering a website redesign you should:

Check whether your current branding matches you as a business and where you want to position yourself amongst your competitors.

How long ago was it that you created your brand? When did you last revaluate or update it? Your brand can evolve with your business, and it should. What worked two years ago is unlikely to be still providing you the strongest, clearest definition of your current business.

Remember: Branding differentiates you from your competitors. It’s an easy way to express your core values visually.

Review whether your site employs the latest technologies.

Your site should be responsive allowing it to flexible across the variety of platforms commonly used these days – smart phone, tablets, laptop and desktop. Do you have a newsletter that people can sign up to? Does your site allow your audience to share your content with ease? Social sharing is not only popular it provides a reach great than your current audience and allows people to know your business on a more personal level.

Remember: Ultimately your website is about providing ways for your audience to know more about your business and connect to you, the easier you make this for them the more the will engage.

Consider current web trends as your site can look out of date/old fashioned within a couple of years.

Keeping your site looking fresh is as important as keeping your content up to date. It’s paramount to ensure that technology up to date so your site functions correctly but it also allows your audience to know that you are looking after your business and therefore them.

Remember: Your website provides you with credibility, and cements your brand and your position an industry leader.

Times have changed and the budget you might have once used to spend on print advertising should now, in part at least, be used to keep your site and content current, relevant and professional. A bonus is that looking after your site is usually cheaper and provides greater ROI than many of those old avenues across a longer amount of time.

Talk to us today about having your site redesigned or upgraded by Caboodle Web. Your website doesn’t have to be previously created by us, tell us want you need and we are happy to help you create the site you want.





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