The importance of testimonials on your website

Using testimonials on your website is a powerful way to help establish your credibility as a trusted business both on and offline. Having genuine and specific testimonials displayed can go a long way toward gaining new customers trust and increasing your sales.
It's important to encourage your clients to talk about specific services your business provided and how it helped them. Details are great and give a more in depth look at the kind of services you provide.
How to encourage your clients to write testimonials
If you are wondering where all your testimonials are you may need to take a quick look at your business performance. Is the service or product you provide excellent or outstanding? Do you go above and beyond for your clients? If the answer is no then your business needs to be 'testimonial worthy' before customers will want to set aside time to write a testimonial for you. 
If you are having trouble convincing your customers to take a couple of minutes to write testimonials for your website you could try offering an incentive such as discounts on their next purchase or an outgoing link to their own website. Providing your customers first and last name, business name, photo and link to their website also helps to create credibility of the testimonial.
Make the process easy for your customer. Time is a factor and often people liked your product or service but simply don't know how to put it into words. Creating a simple system your customers can follow will help ensure you receive more testimonials to display.
Another mistake some businesses make is simply forgetting to ask for a testimonial. The best time to ask is as soon as the service is completed. Sending a 'thank you' email is often a great chance to ask for a testimonial. If you have done a great job then your customers are often more than happy to write back.


"6 years ago I contacted Caboodle Web to help my fledgling business with a web presence. What a journey they have assisted us with. In this period our business has grown from a small part-time operation to a business with a multi-million dollar turnover and 7 staff. Of course this has not all been down to Caboodle building us a state-of-the-art website (one that not only looks great but sells too!) but we could not have achieved this as easily without having a web partner who is responsive to our needs and able to add value to our business. If you have had enough of dealing with other web developers and need a dedicated, professional partner I would recommend that at the very least you sit down with Caboodle and discuss your needs. Unlike others they will not promise you the earth but will give you an honest assessment of your needs and will then deliver. I am to discuss my experience of dealing with Caboodle with anyone that wants to call me."

Douglas Gregory, Managing Director
Promotion Products Pty Ltd
(0403 799 553)

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