You should probably blog

Why it's important to be talking about yourself

Maintaining your website with constant content and updated pages is always a time-consuming process. That being said, it also can be very rewarding with the payoff it can provide, and can even be fun to write for. That's why blogs are always a welcome part of any website.

Blogs offer more than just something to read – it provides excellent SEO value and helps your website get ranked higher in search engine results. There is no surprise that the top Google results will always be readily updated and always have relevant content. Blogs help your website get noticed for all the right reasons. Having blogs with focused keywords and search terms also helps tremendously, allowing for search engines like Google to notice your website for the right reasons and promote it higher on their search engine results. Remember that search engines also love original content and nothing repeating – repeated content will always ensure your website will be ranked lower in search results.

The problem people face is that they feel that social media can override the need to make or update the blog. This is far from the case – blogs still have their place on websites. While social media leans towards quick and snappy updates to consume at a glance, a blog is something people would like to sit down and read for a longer period of time. People are reading wanting to find something interesting, useful, or entertaining out of it, so don't hold back!

You can use your blog as a window into your business for potential viewers and provide people a look at what is important to your business. Some like being very personable with their blogs, while others like being more informative. Whatever way you'd like to present these entries is up to you. What matters is that these blogs are updated with things that are relevant to your business. Updating every 1-2 weeks is a good rule of thumb, but ultimately it is up to you when you update – always best to be timely and consistent than scattered and inconsistent with new content.

Content in your posts should be always relevant to your business – blogs are great for personal logging as well, but things should be kept relevant for your website visitors. Have a look at the world today and see if there are any topics that might be on everyone's mind that they might want to know more about. Any common questions your clients might have could also be addressed in depth in a blog post, allowing for people to have a better understanding of things.

The best thing about blogs is that they can be posted on any of your social media channels. This is fresh new material for your social media followers to see, and a timely reminder for people to visit your website, even for a quick read of some advice.

There is not much to lose by creating and updating a blog. Have you updated yours today?

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Douglas Gregory, Managing Director
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