Why WordPress is winning with Web Designers

With Content Management Systems (CMS) becoming more popular with people who don’t wish to code their own website from the ground up, it isn’t hard to see why over 69% of websites now use WordPress.

But why? What are the advantages?

Here at Caboodle we use WordPress daily. So why do we use it compared to other platforms right now? Well, we can safely say there are a number of benefits to using it right now.



For starters, WordPress is simple. It is easy to navigate, laid out with ease of access in mind, and has everything labelled plainly in order for anyone to understand what they are doing or making. As far as design goes, the sky is the limit – you can make some gorgeous website designs with the WordPress toolkit once you get comfortable with its layout. We further customise the ADMIN area to simplify it for our clients as well, which makes it even easier to navigate.


Easy to Make

With this simplicity comes the extra benefit of being able to make what you want easily. You won’t be wasting time in WordPress to figure out how to make a new webpage or dropdown menu – with the pre-coded assets, you will be able to make what you want nearly instantly. For us, this is fantastic! It means more time giving you what you need, and less time focused on building the supporting code for the website.



There are a large number of themes and plugins available for WordPress. With over 4,000 themes and 45,000 plugins, there is always something at your fingertips to make any website unique. Not only that, but there are ways to tailor WordPress to something far more fitting to your business. Predominantly a writer? We can make your website into a blog. A business with online sales? We can easily set up a store page with Payment gateways. Are you a tradie who wants to throw a few images of jobs up every now and again? We can set you up with a brochure website with a gallery.  It’s that flexible and that easy.



Compared to others, WordPress is given new updates frequently.  These updates help with security and functionality with all WordPress sites. The WordPress community is also extremely helpful, and the WordPress support staff are always a short conversation away to help fix any issues you may have.

Ultimately though, we feel that a CMS should just be that – a content management system. It helps keep content organised, easy to edit, and helps us focus on the upkeep of the websites at the end of the day.

If you want us to help you with making a website with WordPress, contact us!




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